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Ranerius, one of the 4300 Pisa (Italy) citiziens that swear fidelity to alliance,1228, belongs to 73° group, de populo Sanctis Micaelis de Iscalzi link out of this site

Ugolino and Tupino, two of taxed people,  Perugia (Italy),  1285  link out of this site
image of the book (LINK OUT OF THIS SITE)
Alberto Grohmann: L'Imposizione  Diretta nei Comuni dell'ItaliaCentrale nel XII Secolo: La Libra di Perugia del 1285. (Milan, Law faculty library, searched by
Jacobus , 1320 ,  Languedoc Names circa 1300,RawData,  by Arval Benicoeur (Josh Mittleman),
linkoutof this site
Buglione, Statuto di Monteverdi 1320,  link out of this site
Elizabeth Jane, GianBattista, Giulio,Giusto,Mario , cited in
WorldBiographical Index database

Davini  as first name (link)
District of Lettic (LATVIA)  link out of this site

in Latvia verb DAVINAT means to give presents, gifts,
and  Davinu and Davina are declensions of Davini. Also a CD from the latvian artist 
STENGREVICS Helvijs, titled Davini man, 1996, MICREC,

The disc features 12 new compositions by Helvijs Stengrevics with lyrics
by Janis Baltausis. The singers are the winners of a 1995 contest for solists:
Laine Ligere, Jolanta Valtere, Kristine Broka and Helena Kozlova

Angelo, one of cartoon GUMMI, the sculptor link out of this site
Sergio , name of a microchip link out of this site
Feanor admiral, tale character  link out of this site
"Ai Davini " locality in a fraction of S. Concordio,Lucca(Italy) link out of this site
Villa Davini in Trevignano romano; Corte Davini in San Lorenzo Aroldo (Cremona)
Ca' dei Davini in locality Gabbiano, Monzuno, Bologna (Italy) (info in Italian)

A " Renaissance manual of Davini D'Oleagine",may be wrote but the site e-mail isn't active

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