Utah, Military Records

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Military Service Cards, ca. 1878-1975

In 1942 the Utah State Historical Society began creating a record of Utahns’ military service in World War II. In 1957, the scope was broadened to encompass all Utah veterans, and this collection includes sets of index cards extracting records from the Spanish-American War through Vietnam, though cards for Korean and Vietnam are not comprehensive. Veterans may be found in more than one card set.

Card sets include

Some cards may list as little as a name and address, while others include extensive personal and military service information: birth dates, marital status and wife’s name and address, next of kin, burial place, unit information, places and dates of enlistment and service, discharge details, etc. Missing from this series, 85268, are reels 4-11. Alphabetically, these contain records Campbell, Donald – Hall, Robert.

Name                             Birth Date          Birth Place                                         Parents                                                                  Military Service Year

Marty Davini
                  11 Nov 1914 (wrong -1913)     Castle Gate, Utah       Mary D. Ostler (sister) married Dorothy R.             9 jan 1945 - 15 jan 1946      pag.1 pag. 2

Dominic Davini
               22 Aug 1916      Castle Gate, Utah                              Mary Davini Ostler (sister) married Hellen H.            18 jun 1945 - 13dic 1945   pag.1 pag.2

Andrew Andy Davini
     17 Mar 1918     Castle Gate, Utah                                 single                                                                     7 mar 1942 -  20 dic 1945     pag.1 pag. 2

Paul Robert  Davini
          5 Oct 1919     Castle Gate, Utah                                 Mary D. Ostler (sister)                                           21 feb 1944 - 4 mar 1944     pag.1 pag.2