Historical information

 The surname came from Saint Davinus or Davino , from Armenia who arrived at Lucca, where dead in june 3rd,1050.:he re-converted some citizens of  Lucca to Catholicism and the citizens changed their surname. The grave is on the Saint Michele al foro church in Lucca.  The information may be also interpreted: Davini as "son of Davino", the latin declination or as derivation of the name David.  In caft , they are some other surnames  spelling : Davino (Naples area), Davin (very uncommon) , D'Avini (probably trasncription error), D'Avino diffused in Naples - Campania area  (as reported in Cognomi italiani).

<>The first information, with years, about Davini were found  in Italy   in the year 1224 in a contract for a land where the buyer is Bontempo and in 1228 when Ranierus is one of  4300 Pisa citiziens; other Davini are cited in 1285 (Ugolino e Turpino), between the people of Pisa, also in 1287 are reported in the book "I Brevi del Comune e del popolo di Pisa" while in the 1320 Jacobus is on the Languedoc names and Buglione in the "Statuto di Monteverdi" .
Between 1324 and 1393 various Davini are reported as Ancient ("Anziani") in Pisa in the book "
Chronica antianorum civitatis Pisarum"
In Lucca instead  Mercante is reported in 1331 and  Ugolino, as Notaio in Lucca between february 1335 snd february 1339.
<>In 1390 Davini reported in Camporgiano, look the book “Descrittione cronologica della Garfagnana” (1650).
Hystorical information not more confirmed reported that Davini are in Vhò town (Cremona) from 1398 and , between 1369 and 1600, Davini are "Anziani" ("Ancient") or "Gonfaloniers" in the Repubblic of  Lucca or in  Cremona  (notizie dall'Istituto Araldico)

No confirmation were found, instead, about the "Cavalieri del Sovrano Militare Ordine di Malta"  (where Davizzi or Davici are found), even if  two different Hieraldic Institutes reported the informations,  or about Saint Pacificus (coming from Divini family,  San Severino Marche).  Moreover, the 15 october 1359  Agnolo Davini is reported ambassator at Anciso, between 1450 and 1480 Carlo "notaro"  in Cremona, in 1546 Antonio violin maker in Cremona, betwenn 1560 and 1590 Alessandro  notaro in Cremona,, in1561 Leonardo podestà of Tolentino and in 1658  Leone, capitan of arms in Rome, in 1700 Giacomo  notaro  in Cremona  (all informations from  'Istituto  Araldicoand Cremona  need to be verified).

The 1st march 1588 is  registered a contract of Giovanni e Domenico (
in Italia ).
In the XVI century an house-tower (Ca' dei Davino) is cited in the "Catasto di
Monzuno"    (Bologna).
In the 1652 born Giovanni Battista , after medician of the Duc of Modena.
In the 1678 born, in Antraccoli, Paolino: till now is our oldest ancestry of an actual family 
of Bill and Gregory , now in USA, and  from  which we have the coat of arm ( stemma ). 
In the 1720 Carlo,  Giacomo son,  was named "Conte" in Cremona, and in 1729 Giovanni,  Giacomo son,  is inscribed as Noble in Cremona (
Cremona ), with his coat od arm ( see ). In the 1764, a  family is registered into the tax list ( Decima granducale) of Prato.
In the 1791, Angiolo Davini received 90 Liras as oldage pension (
in Italia ).
Confirmed information are available starting from the 1800 both from data present in the family that from data present in database available on internet or in library.
For example Davini are present in the born, willing and dead from1808 and 1837 in 
  Toscana , in the Census of Lucca duchy (1823), in the Census of the  granduchy of Tuscany (1841) and  in the Como town census (1866-1936).
In the 1848, the family of Prato of Giovanni and Giuseppe Davini is enclosed, with the act
Deputazione sulla nobiltà e cittadinanza , in the Gold book of Nobilty, with  its coat ( stemma ) and tree. The information is confirmed by the same coat reported into  "Raccolta Ceramelli Papiani" in the Florence Italian State Archivie.
In the 1861-1864, Giovanni is the Major of  Prato , in 1861 Luigi  è co-director during exploration in Siena and Orbetello area, during 1895-1897 Francesco is secretary of "Fratellanza operaia di Botteghino" and Socrate was promoted from soldier to general , for militar honor in Macallè (1895), as reported in an newspaper article (1911) and in 2 books.
From the information sent from  the actual Davini family, the ancestry with the oldest date, in addition to Paolino, are my grand-grand-grand-grandfather
Filippo   (Pisa, 1796), Gabriele (Antraccoli, 1798), Clemente (Lucca, 1828)   and  Roberto (Edolo, Brescia,1877); the other, reported in the page Genealogie , are Bernardino (1827), David Andrea (1835, the gran-gran father of David who writes a book in 2007), Bartolomeo (1850), Ottavio (Pisa, 1887),Alfredo (Vescovato, 1884), Attilio (Gadesco,1889), Alvaro (Prato, 1892).
From the end of  1800, starts the emigration: over 35 in
Brazil ,instead over 100 Davini are  registered to be arrived  in New York    between 1890 and 1924, other 34 in Argentina between 1882 and 1920, in France and in Scotland in census after the 1891 and in Norway  in 1900. Between 1907 and 1959,  10 Davini emigrated in Australia and in Venezuela.
Giuseppe is Parish in Brescia province (1925-1965).
As regard  World Wars, 14 Italians Davini are dead or lost in the
  WW1  (one buried in   France) and 2 French Davini , whereas 24 Davini were enrolled in US Army. Furthemore 9 died in the WW2:   4 of them are dead or lost in  Russian   during the War: as reported in Cargnacco    mausoleum near Udine. Further, during WW2 other 6 Davini dead ( a partisan, a fascist party leader   and  4 civils, 3 in San  Rossore  (PI)   and 1 in   Montale  (PT), and one prisoner in Australia; 6 Davini were enrolled un US Army. . In 1932, Persico Davini was acquitted as member of Comunist Party: he and other 12 Davini are reported in the "Casellario Politico centrale", a list of antifascist people. From 14 december 1943 to 11 april 1944 Delfo Davini was "Commissario" (as Mayor) in Sulmona. Tino Davini, from Brescia, was involved on returning dead soldiers from Russia.
sites or books  without information : Davini aren't  Garibaldini,  in the biographies of Italians in Perù, Canada (1000-1900), Brasile (1930-1983) .
In the 1999 Davini are present in the phone list of
Italy (in 127 communes), of    France   Belgium ,    UK , Suisse , USA , Brasil and in the 2001 in Argentine ed Australia .In the 2000, Mario have installed a Jubilee stone on the wall in his house. 

In 2007, a
book about the history of  "DAVID ANDREW DAVINI, SR. and BERTHA LOUISE EPP DAVINI - A Family with a Profound Influence On the City of Cloverdale, California 1944-2004" was written by David A. Davini, Jr.

Staring from 2008, two Groups are created in Social networks: on Facebook (over 350 Davini present) with the Group COGNOME DAVINI (about 150 members) and on Oku with  FAMILIA DAVINI (about 40).

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